Payment Security

Make payments through Mastercard, Visa with high level of safety and security

When it comes to doing shopping, the customers need high quality of products with safe payment methods. Like we guarantee our customers of good quality of products, we also make sure that there is no issue of safety comes in the way of our customers while making online payments. When customers buy our brands at retail stores, they would be able to make payments through online payment methods. You will be guided towards the safest and secure section of our website when you choose to make payment by card, PayPal or any other online method. Your payment would be processed without any fraud or irresponsibility.

No storage of information

We don’t store any information about our customers in any way. We don’t store any credit card payment information on our website anywhere. Your credit card number is not stored on our website servers. It is not even recorded by us. When you choose to make the payment by credit card, your card details are only sent to your bank with a secure encryption. Our company does not process the credit cards of our customers directly. We get the information of whether your transaction is failed or succeeded from your bank’s server only. Neither we store any personal details of our customers nor we store any details of the credit cards.

Make payments with Master Secure Code and Visa

  • 3D security

When our customers will make payments through Visa and Mastercard, they get a 3D security like an online version of pin and chip is installed so that there would be no risk of any fraud. When you will make payment, your card issuer, will ask you for the authentication of the payment and after agreeing, you would be able to go to thefurther step of payment authorisation.


  • Receiving an Email

When you will make an online payment, you would receive an email from the bank or your card issuer immediately after your order is confirmed. If the payment is not done, then there would be no such email would be received by you. When you would choose to make payment through Paypal or any other online method, they will contact your bank immediately for authorisation of your payment.


  • Security Encryption

Our website is safe and secure with encrypted code which allows transmission of safe data between the web server and the web browser. We are using one of the advanced levels of encryption which is available commercially.


  • Active SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

You would see that there is a closed lock when you will be making payment through our website because SSL is active on our website to ensure full safety. If you have any doubt regarding the safety of website, then you can check the URL line. You will be able to see that the address changes from HTTP to HTTPS when the server is changed to the secured form.

This technology would make sure that your data is being sent to the correct computer serve and the server is secure in every way. The feature of encryption encodes the private data so that it can’t be read by anyone. The Data integration makes sure that the data is transferred to the correct place and not altered anywhere else.


  • Prevention of Misuse of Credit/Debit card

When you will make payment through your mastercard or visa, we will make sure that there would be no misuse of your credit/debit card. No one can make misuse of your cards in any manner. Our website is away from the reach of fraud people and hackers. We have a team of technical management which ensures the prevention of misuse of credit/ debit cards of the customers.


  • Authentication of your account

Every time a customer shops with us, he/she get to make safe and secure payments because every time we ask for the authentication of your account before confirming the payment. Due to this process of authentication, your account details can’t be grabbed by anyone else because the authentication message or email would come to your mobile phone only. For making the authentication, you have to enter your password or PIN. Without authentication of your account, the payment would not be processed further.


How will the payments through Mastercard and visa be done?

First of all, the customer has to select his/her favourite footwear products which he/she wants to buy. After that, you have to enter your visa or Mastercard’s number. Your bank or card issuer will send a personal message on your phone. You have to confirm your message to continue the payment procedure. After entering your password, you would be able to complete the payment process. You will get an email or message after your transaction has become successful. This procedure is followed by people across the world because it is the easiest and secure way to make payments on the online shopping portals.

You will get free shipping on your order if you will purchase a product more than 500 rupees. You just need to have your order placed as soon as you like any product and our delivery service team will reach at the shipping address you provided in a few days. We can’t play with the belief of our customers which they have put upon us. Customers are our first priority and we will make sure that they won’t get any problem while making safe and secured payments.